She has always been a designer. She grew up surrounded by fabrics and creations, thanks to her father Carlo.

Daughter of art, Valentina draws every inspiration from nature, flowers, colours and their every nuance, vehicles of positive messages.

Determined, strong, sunny and projected to the future, she pours her style into all her clothes. This is what it means to be Valentina C.


Today he is joined by his sons Valentina and Vittorio, after having transmitted to them the experience of a whole life spent among fabrics, always looking for a unique and refined style.

It was in India during a trip at a young age that ignited his passion for fabrics, for floral embroidery and for the exciting colours that still characterize the Valentina C scarves.

A creative heritage continued by Valentina C. in the sign of the best generational continuity.


The social and relational soul of Valentina C.

Vittorio is the youngest of the family and after having spent his training and professional life away from home he has put his experience and his enthusiasm at the service of the family business. He is responsible for marketing and external relations.


Valentina C. is the collection dedicated to those who love to approach life with a smile.

Elegant and refined accessories where the protagonists are the colours, colours studied and combined with the design and creativity entirely Made in Italy by Valentina C. made with fabrics of great value, painted initially and then embroidered by hand.

A range of unique accessories for men and women, characterizing, distinctive, the mirror of a strong personality, free and established.

Valentina C scarves, shawls and stoles are synonymous of freedom of being oneself, versatile accessories, irreplaceable allies for every season of the year, capable of interpreting every moment of our day: the office, the evenings with friends and colleagues, dinners in good company and weekends with the family.

Valentina C. is everyday life, but lived with enthusiasm, character and always looking to the future.