Autumn Winter 2019 Collection Valentina C, an AI 19 to be discovered

Many new trends for the next FW19, but certainly you can not miss your wardrobe a colored scarf.

We have reached autumn 2019. If you are reading it is because you are following us, and for this we will never be able to stop thanking you. Well. Now. How to prepare for the arrival of next autumn? Cooler temperatures and the need for an imminent change of wardrobe. Yes, the cold and low temperatures will return this season, so how to prepare better than with a scarf?

What to expect from AI19: new trends

A lot of news for the arrival of the new season … find out better, with us, what the colors and trends of the next FW19 will be. A lot of news, you can go into more detail here. The animalier is still on the crest of the wave, always in vogue since the last PE while for AI19 geometric designs such as: Tartan, quilted and rhombuses will be the cornerstone. Geometries, delicious, decoration for a singular and unique clothing. If you don’t have a scarf like this, we particularly recommend it. While for the colors that will accompany us, we will see the resumption of pop, fluorescent and bright shades. In addition to the pop colors, the colors of earth tones such as brown and orange will be all the rage, while purple and black & white will also have their cutout. Don’t miss the glitter. In addition to the inevitable fringes, a flagship of our products such as the scarf: puciu

Discover the Valentina C AI 2019 collection

A colorful, lively collection. With a unique taste that Valentina C scarves have been trying to convey for over 40 years. A series of scarves that, we hope, will amaze you. And pleasure. A riot of colors, precious scarves with precious embroidery and designs that bring with them the flavor of India. Please look at our AI19 collection on the site: . Blue, black, brown, green, red, beige and white scarves. Quality wool scarves from the most important Indian weavers. Choose whether a large and enveloping scarf of 100x200cm or a more versatile scarf of 70x180cm. We always want to remember, that size will be one of the factors of choice to be taken into consideration in order to be comfortable with the accessory. So take into account how you you prefer to wear it , to feel it on your best.


For any information about the products or to know where to find our scarves and which do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to answer you. You can write to us at the email: We thank all the stores that continue to choose us, it’s a pleasure. We are glad to be present among your collections. Always splendid.