Interview with Carlo Camerucci: fashion and the future of Valentina C.

Carlo has lived fashion for over 40 years: passion, spirit of innovation and change.

What is fashion today?

Fashion is all we live: an aesthetic model that is valid in form and style. A unique way of expressing yourself, to try to stand out. Carlo says: “Everyone is free to dress as they see fit and fashion will want to impose its own way of dressing”.

When did you start getting interested in fashion?

In 1979, because I really liked ties. Since 1980, thanks to the help of my pope, who had learned the trade in the most prestigious weaving mills in Como, and experienced fashion, I managed to start my first business with Camerucci S.r.l. At Camerucci, we designed ties, diversifying them from the classic regimental taste, with different combinations of colors. After immense satisfaction, I do not want to clarify what displeasure to see the endless decline until the end of the use of the tie.

What happened after the decline in the use of ties?

At Camerucci we always wanted to breathe an air of novelty, we liked to change and venture on new frontiers. Fashion sees innovation and constancy as cards that play a fundamental role in success. We managed to make up for the drastic drop in ties, with our famous hand-embroidered and hand-painted scarves, as well as with vests and other tailored clothing.

What is yesterday’s fashion, what changes from today’s?

Fashion was a more schematic fashion where individual interest was less satisfied and sought after. Today everything is constantly changing, there are no precise rules, everything goes too fast. Social channels are a well of creativity and inspiration for new young people, who manage to find inspiration for their own style. Single.

Did you talk about your pope, did he help and support you along the path in little bedrooms?

Certainly without him, Camerucci could not have been born. On a practical level, in the organization of the first tie workshop where my dad studied the cutting and packaging of the products. His contribution was very important indeed. At the beginning I was a warehouse worker, I looked at work and lent a hand, but certainly without his wrist and his passion for ties, we could not have made way.

How would you describe your brand, and what message do you want to give with your creations?

Valentina C is a line dedicated to women and men between thirty and fifty years who want to wear a different colored scarf. One in a kind. A user who embraces the interest in fashion, and the charm of particular, lively accessories. Elegant, and indeed unique. It is certainly not a product that everyone can like, we understand this, but it is exactly in its uniqueness that lies the prestige of the Valentina C scarves. A beauty where the flavor of India and life echoes in every garment.

What can you tell us about your future business plans?

There will be news. We will intend to expand the product range. We already have a lot in mind for the next summer season.

What has changed in 40 years of work, what has changed compared to the past?

Trade has become much more difficult. The multibrand stores, boutiques that are our potential customers to date, are disappearing and giving way to single-brand stores and online sales. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the future, but one thing is certain: only by trying to be innovative, a small company, like ours, will survive the difficult moment we are going through.

What has changed online?

The online was not there … it has taken away a large slice of the market at a time when consumption has fallen due to the crisis that is going through all of Europe. Although one cannot fail to take into account that the web market will be the future, if it is not already.
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