Piazza San Carlo and fashion: style and elegance in the Good Lounge in Turin

Piazza San Carlo and fashion: in the Salotto Buono in Turin there are numerous clothing activities, which make style and elegance their trademark

Piazza San Carlo and fashion: a far from casual combination. The Good Lounge of Turin has always been a place full of charm, history and elegance. Not only for its historic shops and bars, but also for the numerous clothing activities of various kinds that can be found here. Speaking of Piazza San Carlo, the mind can only go to Olympic. Located at number 176, it is a historical brand, a reference point for adults (both men and women) and for children. Here, in addition to quality, you can breathe an air of great tradition and history. It is in fact a long-lived sign, which saw the light in 1937 in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, and then moved to its current location in 1962. Currently, however, Olympic is not going through one of its best times. The restaurant, in fact, is expected to close its doors in spring 2019. After the old owner, Francesco Di Masi, left the reins of the company to his son Luca, the latter made the decision not to run the company, following the disappearance of his father. The other reference fashion store in the square is certainly San Carlo Dal 1973 Spa. This is also one of the historic boutiques in the center of Turin, which is located under the elegant arcades, at number 201. Here you can immerse yourself in luxury brands, whether they are classics (such as DKNY, Orciani, Lanvin, Marni, Jil Sander), sportwear chic or avantgarde (here you can find Avant Toi, Majestic, Golden Goose, Deluxe Brand and many others) . The fashion proposals of Piazza San Carlo, however, do not end here. Despite an increasingly biting crisis and increasingly aggressive competition, there are other activities in this beautiful Turin square. Shops that manage to resist the competition of large chains, which land continuously in the shadow of the Mole, especially in the most courteous streets. Just think of the new stores of H&M and other well-known brands, right in the neighboring streets. Among the other shops in Piazza San Carlo we find, in fact, other prestigious stores such as Giorgio Armani (at number 145), Newport Spa – Gant Brooksfield (at number 177). In short, Piazza San Carlo and fashion are a more than ever valid combination. The heart of Turin still knows how to satisfy the needs of fashion lovers with the most varied tastes.
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