The blue scarves

Blue scarves, an accessory always in vogue.

Blue is the most dominant color of our natural habitat, and on Earth. From the cold and peaceful blue of the blue sky, to the disturbing ink blue of the depths of the ocean. Blue is a full and intense color, and blue scarves are one of the favorite accessories for completeness and possibility in combinations. Light or dark shades marry beautifully with the blue tint, blues are a range of colors with infinite possibilities. The blue color is the color of tranquility and constancy, reliability and trust. Blue is an authoritative color, institutions or services often use blue for uniforms. As I said above, the blue scarves are an accessory that has no rival, for the way, and for their simplicity of combination. There are infinite outfits with which we can show off our blue scarf. A simple white dress, trousers and shirt or jeans and t-shirt will be perfect accompanied by a blue scarf. Blue, in its lightest and brightest shades up to the bright pastel shades, is a marine and summer color. For the summer and for your holidays you cannot miss a blue scarf, if you haven’t yet. Whatever your plans are, you can’t help but have one in your suitcase. Scarves in silk, cotton and modal of extremely refined shades, with the unique design of Valentina C. To have a precise look, with attention to the smallest detail, you must not miss the scarf, even in summer. The blue scarves in our collection are different: –Flower & Leves Pastle Blossom Deep blue silk and cotton background, with delicate sugar paper flowers. This light scarf will be truly fantastic for any outfit. Light hues, dark hues or bright hues will have a play of splendid color accompanied by the colors of this stole. –Flower Sky An embroidered and hand-painted silk stole. The electric blue background plays with a coral red. A precious one meter by two scarf that you can wear for any occasion. –Light Flower Delicate Dew Scarf in soft and enveloping modal, hand painted, with a full color palette: blue, blue, black, orange and violet on a meter for two. Pefetta for the evening and darker-colored outfits. –Light flower Poetry Navy blue and bright contrasts for this modal scarf, the bright colors and its luminous background will allow you to play with any shade, you will be on the safe side. –Sea foam A silk and modal scarf with different shades of blue: dark and deep, light and bright. It will always be perfect. With a blue scarf you will never have to choose how to combine it. Whether light or dark colors compared to games of contrasts, the choice of how to wear it will be up to you. A unique accessory of its kind.

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