The Christmas tree: a symbol of the Christmas holidays, always in step with fashion

The Christmas tree: one of the symbols of the Christmas holidays, which has evolved over time, with original decorations and imaginative ornaments

The Christmas tree has always been considered one of the symbolic elements of the Christmas holidays. It is one of the most characteristic objects of these celebrations, given that all those who celebrate the Nativity have the habit, every year, of setting up their own tree at home. This tradition has its roots in a very distant past. This custom is thought to have distant ties to ancient civilizations. The Celts, for example, decorated the trees on the occasion of the winter solstice celebrations. The Romans, on the other hand, adorned their houses with pine branches during the January Calends. The spread of Christianity revealed other meanings and proposed new interpretations on the meaning of the tree decorations. The latter, in fact, appears numerous times in the Bible, mainly with positive references (it is the case of the Tree of Life). The modern use of the Christmas tree, conceived as a symbol of the holidays, dates back to much more recent times. A very reliable testimony is that relating to the tree installed in 1441 in the city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. In the Piazza del Municipio a decorated tree was placed, seen by those present as an element of joy and union. An older testimony concerns the Swiss city of Basel, which should have hosted the first Christmas tree (as we know it today) as early as the thirteenth century.

Features and details of the Christmas tree

Generally, those who decorate their tree do so a few weeks in advance of the exact day of Christmas. It procures an evergreen, tendentially a fir, real or fake. In recent times the custom of resorting to artificial trees has become deeply rooted. This practice, in addition to allowing cost savings, allows you to better respect the environment. Then the fun begins, with the installation of lights, balls and other accessories. As for this aspect, those who decorate the tree usually apply numerous accessories on the branches, such as bells, pine cones or other small objects that recall the atmosphere of Christmas (such as Santa’s puppets or tiny gift packs) . The more careful also apply an artificial dusting, to make the tree even more suitable for the context and to take care of it in every detail. The element that cannot be missing is the tip, which represents the Comet Star. The lights, which are obviously electric, play a fundamental role in setting up the tree. The latter, in the last century, have replaced candles, used in the past to illuminate the tree and the surrounding environment. All these attentions have generated a growing turnover, fueled by the numerous companies that have ventured into production in the distribution of these products. In most cases the Christmas tree is kept indoors, in the living room, although it is not uncommon to see trees exposed outside. Currently, however, this symbol of celebration has also taken on the characteristics of a real tourist attraction. Different cities offer their tree in a spectacular way, even with a look to the future. The case of Turin, which for some years has exhibited in its most courteous squares large luminous artificial trees, which make the squares in which they find their place magical (previously Piazza Castello and, this year, Piazza San Carlo). Although the most admired and famous tree is the one exhibited every year in the Vatican, there is no lack of media examples such as large installations in the cities of London, Los Angeles, Washington and even the Rockefeller Center in New York. L'albero di Natale: un simbolo delle festività natalizie, sempre al passo con la moda

Variants of the Christmas tree decorations

Among the various trends for decorating your Christmas tree there is no shortage of variations and possible suggestions. Many prefer the traditional tree, while many are oriented towards the Total White look, both as regards the balls (strictly white), and for the white blanket applied on the branches and leaves. Obviously there is no lack of fond of the tree with bright and elegant colors, such as gold and silver. The balls, the lights, the angels and the various hanging accessories, in this case, are silver and golden, with some shades of blue, a useful shade to evoke the ice and snow. Finally, the Christmas tree that never goes out of style is the one with references to the red color. The latter is, without a doubt, the predominant color of Christmas. Its presence on the balls and on the electric lights is a must that continues to fascinate lovers of Christmas decorations, large and small. In short, there are many ideas to make your Christmas tree unique and to enjoy these holidays to the fullest
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