The pleasure of wearing a scarf.

The scarf is a key garment to coordinate your outfit.

The scarf or foulard are essential accessories. The clothing is full of these incomparable clothes. The classic, unmatched Scottish scarves by Burberry, the scarves by Hermes or Lavallière Yves Saint Lurent. Icons of unique and indistinguishable value. Singular style items in the genre. The scarf is a garment often not taken into consideration, but its value is unmatched. A scarf can strengthen the look of the wearer, it can create uniformity or play with color contrasts. No other garment will allow you to play on colors such as scarves, in pendant or in contrast, they will have a high-sounding effect. With a scarf or a stole, you will be able, even in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, to keep a light look, and remain undressed by heating the exposed areas of your body; not to mention that in winter wool scarves have incomparable thermal properties. Wool is a fabric that filters the cold and keeps warm, which is why it is used in the colder months of the year. With a scarf any look will be worthy of note. Well kept. A dress with décolleté or sandals will be enhanced by the shine of a silk scarf. The outfit will appear more complete, less obvious. Shirt, trousers and shoes will be able to count on lively colors, thus breaking the monotony and repetitiveness of the garments: white shirt and dark blue trousers will be emphasized by a white colored scarf, giving importance to the shirt and playing with contrasting notes on the trousers. Even a simple look like blue jeans combined with a white t-shirt and sneakers will gain in completeness with a scarf. To maintain a perfect look: in case of rain, overcast, wind or in the evening, always keep your scarf with you. If you don’t feel like keeping it on, we suggest you tie it to the bag. The scarf tied to the bag could be considered kitsch but you will have nothing to fear, tying the scarves to your bag is fine.

Scarves, like most clothing, however, in their looks, try to play on the unit or on the contrasts, but the scarves in particular are effective in this.

Light looks will be less monotonous with a scarf: solid color or tone on tone. Dark looks will be enhanced by a note of different color, which only the scarf can give. Whatever your style, make it unique with a scarf. A formal look with a colored scarf will appear more lively, a lively look with a scarf will be more prominent. The scarf will coordinate and give importance to each of your garments. It seems strange to say, but the use of the scarf will become something that cannot be resisted. Whether they are stoles, scarves, scarves or lavallière, all your outfits will be lacking without approaching this accessory.
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