The scarf in spring: an elegant accessory with a note of style.

Spring began without letting winter be remembered, and the scarf in spring is more beautiful than ever.

In these days spring begins to make itself felt more and more. Warm temperatures and desire to dress lightly. So, the time has come to turn the wardrobe around and figure out what to wear. But of course what your scarf will be in the spring. Spring fashion is more colorful and free. As we have already said, warm and pastel shades will be the protagonist colors for the next season. So let’s feel free and dress in the colors that we feel most ours. Obviously the scarf in spring is a must that our look wants, to be impeccable at the most detailed look. Colored or toned accessory, note of care and attention to detail, which can really make a difference.

Each look has an ideal scarf: either who has a more imaginative style or who a classic outfit.

The scarf fully reflects your style, enhancing it in colors and details. Whether you are used to blazers, shirts, blouses and pants or a more casual look with t-shirt, jeans and jacket the key element will be the scarf. Believe it or not, the scarf will be the key element for the success of your look. The scarf in spring will allow you to be able to maintain the summer look, without being cold or feeling uncovered. A refined and tasteful accessory that will highlight your splendid dress or dress with accentuations of notes of color and contrasts. Spring fashion tends to want to see many parts of the body undressed, and it is precisely here that the scarf plays a fundamental role. The scarf thanks to its thermal properties will protect you from the fresh spring. The scarf in spring is very popular because it allows you to keep a freer and lighter look. So don’t worry, it will be easy to enjoy your first aperitifs and be trendy. We can recommend a Romeo Flower Window: with fresh and bright colors. where blue, cold and deep shades are lost in a flower with warm, pastel colors. In a beautiful one meter by two scarf, made of silk and cotton, hand painted. Wear it on the light down jacket in case of spring breeze, on the lighter jacket if there is sunshine. Or for the hottest day on the white silk shirt and jeans, for trendy clothing. Discover our floral patterns for spring summer 2019, you will light up your outfit with a touch of all-Italian style with a refined and elegant taste.